"We began using Lone Star Greeting Service shortly after my husband started our business, Moonlighting Outdoor Lighting, almost six years ago. Lone Star's service is a perfect fit for our company - it reaches out to new homeowners in our area and exposes them to our product immediately. Not only is our name getting out there, but our services are being presented to the new homeowners by friendly, professional Reps from Lone Star. It gives our product more credibility and we have gotten many referrals from Lone Star Greeting Service!"

Audrey Keim,

Moonlighting Outdoor Lighting


 "Lone Star Greeting Service is awesome to work with. Our pool company has used them since 2006. They are very professional and have always notified us of customers who were looking for our type of services....great lead source."
Sheryl Prescott
Aquascapes, LLC 

"Lone Star Greeting Service has been very beneficial to me over the years in securing new customers for my Avon business. They are very easy to work with, reliable, dependable and are always trying new ways to promote my business." 
Sandy Gulick

"Lone Star Greeting Service greatly helped us be intentional in welcoming those new to our community."
Matthew Smith
Pastor at John Wesley United Methodist Church

"I am getting many calls from your visits to new homeowners. They call me before I call them. Thank you very much and great job."
Gene Hanson, President
Sun Masters Glass Tinting

"We have enjoyed working with Lone Star Greeting Service over the years. Lone Star is a professional company that represents your business in an upbeat and positive manner. They take "your" business to heart, treating it as if it was their very own. Each representative, genuinely cares about people and embraces new home owners into the community with a warm welcome. It has been our pleasure to work with Lone Star Greeting Service."
Dr Wade Williams, DDS, MS

"I have enjoyed my service with Lone Star Greeting Service since almost a year ago. It is a great way to get our name out to new homeowners. The reps are wonderful, and if I may, I would like to brag on my Rep: Trisha! You are a genuinely sweet and Godly woman. Thank you to all the ladies that work at Lone Star Greeting Service."
Stella Oviedo
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

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"I have used LSGS for many years now with great success and consider it a vital part of my advertising program.  I consider their representatives to be my outside sales force!  I would highly recommend this service to any business targeting the new homeowners market."
Jennifer Jones
Decorating Den Interiors

"We have been using Lone Star Greeting Service for a couple of years. They provide the personal exposure to new residents that we sorely missed when we first opened our practice. The Lone Star Greeting Service staff are very personable and attentive to our needs in selecting neighborhoods and the appropriate messaging to potential patients. We are very happy with our experience using Lone Star Greeting Service. Thank you guys!"

Ina Kamaya

Northampton Dental